Richard Harmer

Brand Strategist

I analyze and develop the strategy for the companies we work with. It could be coming up with a clever campaign or finding a great story or a media approach. Each client is different, so I make sure everything we do will be affective and help position each brand for long term growth and success. I also coach, train and consult with clients on traditional and non-traditional media platforms, how to use them for business and most importantly how to use them together. I enjoy developing organic and original media and blending it into a corporate message. I work with individuals with small companies all the way up to full marketing teams and departments for large corporations.

Can you find a great story within your company? Can you create organic media yourself and leverage it to build relationships and build business?

A few years ago, I owned a technology business and most recently I’ve been a business and branding consultant. “Coach for Hire,” so to speak. I enjoy developing the vision for our clients while teaching them about emerging media and helping them discover how to leverage new technologies to help the vision come to life.

I have watched the media landscape changing and jumped on the opportunity to join this agency – without knowing a THING about Brady’s TV career. I’m a product of the new media we’re trying to teach, and consequently I rarely watched local TV news. Sorry, Jeff.

I’ve worked with the Wall Street Journal, State Farm Catastrophe, Werner Ladder Company, Carey Limousine, and several restaurants, major law firms and doctor offices to enhance their media outreach.

Like Jeff, I was in front of the camera and was represented by one of the world’s largest agencies. I live in Coppell, Texas with my beautiful and “much better” half Karen and our two dogs Lacy and Biskit.