Michael Taylor

Business Development

Brady’s doing something pretty unconventional, but these are unconventional times. I have seen how effective media can impact the way companies do business. The right media can better position a company in a crowded market, empower the sales team, reach new prospects, and build a brand like no other tool. Over the last few years, I have ‘planted my flag’ in the distance-learning industry, focusing primarily on business development and strategic partnerships for media companies that were best in class.

Here at Brady Media, I’m the front-end guy. I start the conversation and the critique. I ask the questions that unearth the opportunities media can address. I believe if you really take time to listen, and then help create solutions that solve key problems, you can pull off the Steve Covey Win-Win phenomenon. The client’s happy and we get a nice referral.

About me? Born and raised in Dallas. I’m a graduate of Highland Park High School and Baylor University. I enjoy coaching basketball, baseball and soccer teams for my two boys. I am active in church and co-chair a scholarship fund for Baylor University.