About Us

What STORY are you TELLING?

What gears are DRIVING your STORY?

Is your STRATEGY the same TODAY as it was five years ago?

If You Consider Your Brand Invisible…
…it’s Time to Change the Messenger.

What are Public Relations?

The modern media landscape is complex and chaotic. Conventional public relations firms struggle to remain relevant using old tools. Social media firms fight for brand recognition with extravagant, viral tactics. Ad agencies argue that push media still drives sales and awareness. Production houses claim that content is king and the best image is the best PR.

And on and on.

In the end, public relations is the art and science of building a positive image between business, organization or individual and the appropriate public audience. It involves panache, diplomacy, vision and a deep understanding of the modern media landscape. Even as that landscape evolves. Finding and telling the most compelling story.

So – what if you could cherry-pick the best of the above industries to re-invent the entire public relations industry?

We’ve done it.

At Brady Media, we’re re-creating Public Relations. In fact, we don’t even like the old ‘public relations’ term because it carries too much baggage. Too many public relations firms have done a poor job for too long. We’re here to chart a new course.

Yes, we’re media specialists. Journalists. Digital media designers. Writers. Videographers. Producers. Artists and Storytellers. We help you find the best story to be told and then launch it on the most powerful channels available to build your profile. Result: media Avalanche. We’ve seen it happen with every client.

It’s not a shotgun approach, but a laser. We develop original media, grow social media strategies, and solicit traditional news coverage at the local, state and national levels. But every project is unique and every client has a different story to tell ~ with a different set of goals.

The biggest barrier to overcome in today’s cluttered environment in which every brand message must fight for survival ~ much less real recognition. And only the fastest, most original, most engaging and best-produced messages win. It takes talent.

So ~ if you feel as though your product, company or non-profit organization is invisible, or needs a more comprehensive, talented media strategy, hire the “Un-public relations team” at Brady Media Group! We’re ready to tell your story!